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Some Peoples’ Children

The other day we were sitting on a nice patio having a drink with a friend, and, as usual, other people at other tables were checking out MTMT. Babies have that effect, and we don’t really mind since pretty much everytime we’re told he’s such a cutie (or something similar, anyway). Often we’re asked how old he is, but basically, the interactions are usually minimal and very pleasant.

So I wasn’t surprised when the woman a table over started checking out MTMT full time. We were having a nice conversation so I paid attention to that, not the woman checking out my son. That’s when she decided to pay us a compliment.

“You’re son has fat feet,” she sort of barked. To which I didn’t know exactly how to reply, so I mumbled something like “oh, is that so?” and then returned to conversation.

The woman then moved to the next table to sit with a man who perhaps she was trying to pick up. I don’t know. These were older people, not the typical sort of singles crowd, but anyway I was glad to see she had company and I wasn’t going to have to entertain her.

As we went to leave the man she joined said something like “bye baby boy,” which was perfectly nice since he was saying bye to a baby and didn’t know his name. After we left the patio we were standing and waiting for our friend and the lady decides she should say bye too… so from 25 feet away she yells out “Bye Mr. Fat Feet!”

Some peoples’ children! That’s the expression my advisor at school would use when people would say or do something silly. It was his way of responding to friendly ribbing, often, but when people say or do things like this woman said or did, I always think of his line.

Speaking of some peoples’ children, though, my son is great fun! A few accomplishments of late:

  • He’s decided to change his sleeping pattern, all week he’s sleeping until 10 or 11am. He’s not going to bed later, he’s just sleeping like the Energizer Bunny.
  • He’s gotten more interactive and was doing, it seemed, some mimicing of us. We’d raise up our hands over our head and bring them down, I guess like you’d play a big drum you hit with both hands, and he’d start doing the same thing. But now the last few days he does less of that and will stick out his tongue and blow air and other times just blow bubbles. It’s very cute, and he’s definitely trying to communicate.
  • Speaking of communication, he loves to “talk.” And laugh. And giggle. And be tickled.
  • The teeth are coming! Hope you don’t get caught with him when they are especially sore!!

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