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Slow Food Picnic at the Brick Works

Last weekend rIAm, MTMT and our lovely friends (and MTMT’s godparents!) headed over to the Evergreen Brick Works for a Slow Food picnic. Really, it was a feast. I love a good food event and this one was top notch. So many interesting bites of food and so much great wine and beer to sample, plus an amazing atmosphere of people – chefs, farmers, eaters – and place – the old brick factory is getting turned into an amazing green space.

Anyhow, I wrote a review earlier this week for blogTO and hadn’t bothered to share it in this space, but I realized that I’m rather proud of this write-up and the accompanying photos. Plus maybe you like good food too… as I write in the review:

Picking a favourite from so many different chefs would be impossible. What struck me was the consistency; I don’t think I tasted a single failed dish. Some of course were better than others and several were not my particular taste, but the consistent quality was impressive. I left more convinced than ever that using the best local and seasonal ingredients possible, given a little care in preparation, yields the best food. (full story)

And while in the blogTO version I shared a flickr slideshow of photos without MTMT, below you get all the snaps from the event. :)

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